myWallet is an online software environment for advanced portfolio management and monitoring. It can be used for individual investment professionals, investment communities and game environments.
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MyWallet comprises an extensive set of features such as:
- Multiple portfolios
- Multiple data sources to deliver real-time or delayed prices or end-of-day-prices for all major European and US markets.
- Support for all major assets like stocks, funds's, ETF's and derivatives.
- Support for multiple user groups; every group can have a portfolio manager who can manage the portfolios in his group.
- Dynamically created graphics of every portfolio, like portfolio composition, performance measurement (GIPS 2011 compliant) and attribution.
- Historical asset information and ex-post calculatations like portfolio moments, tracking-error and VaR w.r.t. a Benchmark portfolio.
- Multi-language support. Currently, English, French and Dutch are supported.
- 24/7 availability
- Ready for mobile platforms